Born in 1981, Boris Brejcha started his musical education in his childhood. He was educated playing drums and keyboard which had been a perfect schooling for the following chapter - producing and performing electronic dance music. A former electronic radio show on Radio "RPR Maximal" RPR1 piques his curiosity of this new and exciting kind of music that he fell in love with. From this time he began to express his creativity with his computer and with one of the first Cubase versions.



His first two releases, "Monster" and "Yellow Kitchen" had been released on the Berlin label Autist Records. They both reached immediately the head of the download charts on many digital music platforms.



After a couple releases, Boris changed from Autist Records to Harthouse. With tracks like "Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet", "My Love" and "Lost Memory", he combined his sound with a maximum of varieties which had no peer. Each song is some kind of its own adventure. Because of the constant demand for more details, quality and originality he is always a small step ahead. Consequently, he became the "exceptional Talent 2007" in the electronic music magazine Raveline. Boris also created "ANNA" in 2007 and had some groundbreaking release on Autist Records.



After four years of traveling/playing, three albums and a lot singles, Boris became a constant favorite in today´s club scene. With his ambition and desire for new and experimental musical directions, he shows his audience again and again how exciting minimal techno can be - so much more than just simple.



Boris created his own genre "High-Tech Minimal". It is a combination of minimal and electro. Playful, with countless variations, but still has a structure. The main features are a pumping bass foundation, driving percussion elements, crazy sound effects, melodies and unexpected turns in the arrangement. Each sing tells a story with an incredible amount of variety.

High-Tech Minimal is the intelligent music of tomorrow



With his new musical direction Boris produced his 4th album "Feuerfalter". This is the masterpiece of his musical work so far. His unbelievable passion for music combined with the longtime experience as a producer for different genres fuses into his exclusive distinctive and very special sound. A fascinating detailed and well thought trough musical journey, deeply passionate and lovely playful. He combines Techno and wonderful melodies like no other and creates his own imagination of electronic dance music, that made him famous all over the world. His feeling for music and the love for what he does, makes his music so special.



After seven years working together with Harthouse, his fourth album, "Feuerfalter" was the last one on this label. He prepared himself well for starting something new and with the end of his relationship with Harthouse, it was time to change and to start his own label called "FCKNG SERIOUS". Together with his best friends Ann Clue and Deniz Bul they want to spread their idea of good music and serious parties around the globe.

The future will be Fckng Serious


2016 | Dj Mixes Single Tracks, FCKNG SERIOUS
2016 | 22, FCKNG SERIOUS
2014 | Feuerfalter - Special Edition, Harthouse
2014 | Feuerfalter - Part02, Harthouse
2013 | Feuerfalter - Part01, Harthouse
2011 | My Name Is - The Remixes, Harthouse
2010 | My Name Is, Harthouse
2008 | Mein Wahres Ich, Harthouse
2007 | Die Maschinen Kontrollieren Uns, Harthouse



2016 | Schaltzentrale (Joker Remake), No label (FREE)
2016 | Sir Ravealot, FCKNG SERIOUS
2016 | Acid Attack, FCKNG SERIOUS
2016 | Out Of Brain, FCKNG SERIOUS
2015 | Young And Stupid, FCKNG SERIOUS
2015 | Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven - Remixes, FCKNG SERIOUS
2015 | I Am The Joker, FCKNG SERIOUS
2015 | Schleierwolken, No label (FREE)
2015 | SAW, No label (FREE)
2014 | Hashtag, No label (FREE)
2013 | Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, Harthouse
2013 | We Go, Harthouse
2013 | Der Alchemyst, Harthouse
2012 | That´s The Funky Shit, Harthouse
2012 | Der Mensch Wird Zur Maschine, Harthouse
2012 | Farbenfrohe Stadt, Harthouse
2012 | Schaltzentrale The Remixes, Harthouse
2011 | Rührschüssel, Harthouse
2011 | James Bond, Harthouse
2011 | Sugar Baby, Harthouse
2010 | Diffusor, Harthouse
2009 | Schaltzentrale, Harthouse
2009 | Magic Gum, Harthouse
2009 | Commander Tom, Harthouse
2009 | Joystick, Harthouse
2008 | Aquilah, Harthouse
2008 | Lost Memory, Harthouse
2007 | Who Is Your Man, Harthouse
2007 | Die Milchstraße, Harthouse
2007 | Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet, Harthouse
2007 | Outer Space, Harthouse
2007 | White Snake, Harthouse
2007 | Fireworker Remixes, Autist-Records
2006 | Yellow Kitchen, Autist-Records
2006 | Monster, Autist-Records



2016 | Toi, Hungry Music
2014 | Drehmoment, Harthouse
2014 | Mermaid Of Salinas, Atlantic Jaxx
2013 | In All Your Glory, Hysterical
2012 | Generation, Sprout Music
2012 | Intimacy, Neurotraxx
2011 | Desert Times, Flash
2011 | Akriliska, Popcorn Records
2011 | House, Electronic Petz
2009 | Torque, Sub Sonic Music
2009 | X-Files, Cloning Sound
2009 | Love Or Hate, Plusminus
2009 | Youre Not Me, Sprout Music
2008 | Perfect Circles, Circle Music
2008 | Space Explorers, Jesus Loved You
2008 | Open The Watergate, Autist-Records
2008 | Minimalesk, Cyborgcrew-Records
2008 | Marche, Autist-Records
2008 | Die Maschinen Kontrollieren Uns, Autist-Records
2007 | Human Jungle, Hell Yeah
2007 | Star In Your Eyes, Harthouse
2007 | Black Isn´t Everything, Harthouse
2007 | Kleines Abc, Autist-Records
2007 | Milky Synth, Autist Records
2007 | Neonhit, Autist Records
2007 | Talking Mode, Autist-Records
2007 | Dancing In Dark Rooms, Boz Boz
2007 | Arturia, Autist-Records


Apears On

2008 | Lost @ Mirror Of The Future, Harthouse
2007 | Black And White @ The Dark Side, Harthouse
2007 | Arche Noah @ Active Agent, Harthouse
2006 | Die Maschinen Sind Gestrandet @ Network Infiltration, Harthouse
2006 | Internal Pressure Creep @ Network Infiltration, Harthouse


DJ Mixes

2016 | DJ Mix Number 05 - Christmas Mix (FREE)
2015 | DJ Mix Number 04 - Christmas Mix (FREE)
2014 | DJ Mix Number 03 - Christmas Mix (FREE)
2013 | DJ Mix Number 02 - Christmas Mix (FREE)
2012 | DJ Mix Number 01 - Christmas Mix (FREE)
2008 | Mirror Of The Future, Harthouse